The moment my life was sent spiraling

Having just been accepted into the met police, i continued to work my job until my start date. working in a boat yard doing marketing, i was asked to aid colleagues in moving a boat, which i did, when the boat fell amd crushed the bottom of my spine. instamt searing pain and numbness to left leg, the pain grew more and more intense as a couple of days passed by. it turns out, the lower disks were collapsing crushing my siatic nerve and my lower nerve root. the comoany fired me because i was unable to work so i was left jobless, moneyless and disabled. later testing ruled me as 90% disabled. unable to wash myself, feed myself or get out of bed. surgery has left me with metal rods, fusions and replacement disks, and a year later, i am waiting for a spinl chord stimulator to be fitted to try and combat my chronic regional pain syndrome.  my long term partner left me  at the begining of this year as she could no longer be happy living with a disabled man. i spiraled into a pit of depression and dispair, subsequently spending 7 weeks in a phsyciatric ward.  weekly phsyciatry visits, multiple physio sessions and more morphene than you can shake a stick at, i am trying this blog to try and vent frustrations and anger, ask questions and deal with my new life


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